Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello, my name is Danielle and I am a procrastinator.

Sorry about the late blog entry folks. Technical difficulties, procrastination, what can I say. Here it is:

I went to Victoria on Vancouver Island this past weekend to visit my gorgeous sister. Baby girl turned 20 this year! Being the wonderful, unselfish person that she is, she decided that what she wanted to do for her birthday weekend was help me with my list. I ask you, have you ever met such an incredible person? We decided to focus on two things: trying sake and spider wrangling. Yes, these things do go together. Helloooo liquid courage!

First up was sake. My sister Kay, her friend and I went to this great little sushi restaurant downtown that Kay knew about. We order the sake, and after the first sip I'm thinking "DUDE! Why have I not tried this sooner?"

We had it hot, in case you are wondering. Highly recommended, and just in case you ever go out for sushi with me I'm warning you that I will be ordering sake, and I will insist that you try some. Delicious.

After a suitable digestive period (read: after imbibing an appropriate amount of sake), it was on to the Victoria Bug Zoo. Friends, if you are ever in Victoria and are looking for something new and different to do, go here. Admission is only $9, and there's a whole lot of creepy crawly fun to be had. It's very hands on, there is a ton of information if you're a nerd like me who likes to know about the creatures your manhandling, and there are lots of expert tour guides around to answer your questions. It's also a great place for kids parties, in case you're so inclined.

Pictures you say? You want to see pictures?

This is why I don't normally let anyone follow me around with a camera. Sexy face, no? But look at the SIZE of that thing! I took one look at Mr. Tarantula here and said "Ahh! It's HUGE! And FURRY!" So I decided to ease my way in, and joined the nearest tour group of excited kids and apprehensive parents.

I wish I could remember what this one was called. I remember the word Madagascar being mentioned but I was so wrapped up in how cool it was to be holding this giant green grasshopper thing that I didn't pay a lot of attention!

This one I remember. This one was a stink beetle, who fortunately didn't feel threatened enough to stink. Did you know there are other beetles that look almost exactly the same and mimic the stink beetle's behaviour to warn away predators? See? I told you I was a geek!

This one's a stick bug, and it really did look amazingly like a stick. Sorry it's so hard to see! The guy in the background is our lovely guide, demonstrating how a young stick bug's legs come off easily when grabbed by a bird, to make it easier for them to get away. He's not actually pulling a leg off, don't worry!

Alright, now on to the main attraction:

Look! I'm doing it! I'm actually holding a giant, furry, fanged tarantula! Which, incidentally, I named Big Momma. Friends, if this isn't a moment of win I don't know what is! Sorry the photo's so blurry. My camera crew (made up of my sister and her friend) were more than a little nervous.

So there you have it, I can officially cross two things off my list. And I'd even do them again! Especially drinking sake...that one's going on my "to do regularly" list...

What about you? Have any of you out there tried anything new and exciting lately? Any moments of win in your lives?

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