Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursdays

Good morning friends! I had a thought the other night. It occurred to me that while this blog is supposed to be about the whole challenge of 30 new things before I hit 30, sticking strictly to that criteria for my posts would get very boring. I mean, look at it this way: if I average out my list over the next 3 years, that'll be 10 posts a year. That's a good way for me to lose interest, and I highly doubt all of you, my theoretical readers, would want to stay around for that.

SO! I've come up with a new feature. Enter Things I Love Thursdays! Fairly self-explanatory right? It'll just be a post, probably once a week, featuring something that makes me smile and motivates me in some way.

For my first edition, I thought I'd share with you some of the music I've been listening to lately makes me instantly goofy-happy. The kind of stuff that makes me drop everything and have an impromptu dance party in my living room, and when I say dance, I mean jumping around, twirling, and even throwing in the occasional disco move. You know, the kind of stuff that shows why I don't go clubbing much anymore. This is the music that makes me feel like no matter how bad a day I'm having, I can handle it, and no matter what the challenge, I'll rise to it. Enjoy!

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