Saturday, April 24, 2010

And the wins keep on coming

I'm trying to think of a funny opening paragraph to explain why I've been away from here for so long, but instead of anything witty I keep coming up with this:

"I'm not dead yet!" Seriously guys, for those of you who just read this on my FB page, go to my actual blog to see the video. If you skip it, you're missing out on a classic piece of comedy, and you won't get my joke.

Uh, of course there's always the possibility that you won't get it even if you do watch the video.

MOVING ON! Sorry about the blog hiatus folks. My wonderful in-laws came to visit for almost a month, so I was busy being a tourist in my own city. Try it sometime! I know people who have lived here most of their lives and are always complaining that there's nothing to do, but we honestly couldn't fit everything we wanted to do into the time frame of their visit!

My point being, I'm not dead yet and I'm back to a hopefully regular blogging schedule.

So, a couple of weeks ago I went skiing. To most of you that's not a big deal, so let me try to say it in a way that conveys the depth of the situation for me. I went skiing! ME! I did it! Seriously guys, this should have been number 31 on my list. I'm not an athletic person and have always shied away from doing sports related things. I spent a good portion of my life being dangerously uncoordinated (I once broke my wrist playing badminton, no joke) and even though I'm no longer likely to cause a small disaster zone by walking down the street, I still have this idea that athletics and me are a bad mix. As a result, The Mister has been trying to get me to go skiing for awhile now and I've always resisted. Yes, I wanted to go, yes I wanted to challenge myself, but if can break my wrist playing badminton can you imagine the level of pain and heartache that was going to result in me flinging myself down a mountain side with only a couple of very thin looking boards strapped to my feet?? No thank you sir, not for this girl!

Still, The Mister loves skiing so I was kind of obligated to try it. Um, plus the whole vow to push myself to try new and uncomfortable things. Ya, that. So, with visions of a horrible wave of small, broken children being left in my wake, I made my way to one of the bunny hills on Whistler.

I wish I could say that it was love at But unfortunately that's not how it works for me. The Mister, being the kind, patient, and above all, long suffering person that he is, put up with a good half an hour of me complaining about the cold, the uncomfortableness of my boots, and my complete incomprehension of why anyone would do this for fun, before I finally relaxed enough to enjoy myself. You see why I need a list of challenges now, right? Well, in the end I had a blast. I fell once, could not for the life of me figure out how to turn left, and took forever to learn to stop, but I'm proud to say I didn't injure any small children. Or even any big ones. And, most importantly, I look forward to doing it again.

Oh, and here's a picture of me on the magic carpet thing just to prove that I'm not making this all up, and I really am that ridiculous:

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