Sunday, May 30, 2010

Partying it up Vegas style!

So, instead of writing about how things are progressing on my list, I'd like to talk about something else for a bit.

Like, how Vegas is THE MOST FUN EVER. Ever people.  It's one craaaazy town. So much to do! So much to see! So much damn cigarette smoke! What's with that? Everything else about the trip was great but getting a lung full of smoke every time I left our hotel room was something I could have done without. 

Vegas was a trip of firsts for me. After looking at the photos from our trip, someone very close to me said that there were a few things we'd done that could have gone on my list, and you know, she was right! It was my first time gambling, my first time drinking giant margaritas, my first time seeing an opera (maybe; that'll be a later post), my first time carrying a designer bag - thanks to a loan from a very kind friend, my first time in a desert, and my first time in a helicopter. Every time I think of that last one it comes out in triple bold italics and all caps though, because I'm mentally jumping up and down from remembered excitement. So. much. fun. And it was a surprise from The Mister too! When the trip was still in the planning stages I'd mentioned that it might be cool to try to see the Grand Canyon, thinking we could maybe swing a bus tour there. After looking into it we pretty much wrote it off (or so I thought) since the bus tours were like 12 hours long, so you can imagine my surprise when we head outside our hotel one afternoon to, as it turns out, wait for a LIMO to pick us up and take us to our HELICOPTER tour! I was so surprised and excited that I got a little teary! Though, it's been pointed out that I do cry easily so maybe that's nothing to be shocked about. But c'mon people! Is that a great birthday gift or what?! The whole tour was gorgeous and amazing and I took way too many pictures before we'd even landed for lunch. Ya, that's right, we got lunch in the Grand Canyon. With champagne. No big deal. HA! I've never felt so spoiled in all my life! It was definitely the highlight of the whole trip for me, and that's saying a lot because every day was a ton of fun. We even got to sit in the front to the helicopter on the way back. 

Other than the helicopter tour we went to Madame Tussauds where I came close to molesting the wax figure of Johnny Depp (don't look at me like that, you know you would have done it too), went to shows every night, walked the strip till our feet threatened to drop off, got very little sleep and just generally had a great time doing all the crazy stuff Vegas is famous for. 

To sum up, Vegas = fun overload, and everyone should go at least once in their lives. 

P.S. Please excuse the lack of pictures in this post. Blogger has changed it's layout and while some things are easier I can't seem to figure out the pictures. Again. Boo.


  1. i'm thrilled for you ma chere! :)

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I was raised in Vegas, so I have a hard time remembering that it's supposed to be fun, but your post made me remember that it's a little bit magical. And jealous of the Grand Canyon tour! One of my friends works for one of the companies that gives helicopter tours, and apparently it's absolutely incredible to fly over.

    Also, apropos of nothing but your comment on my wedding post at Secret Society of List Addicts: um, dude, it sounds like you had the best wedding ever. Your comment basically made me get super jealous and want to have a bff just like you to help me plan my own (hypothetical future) budget-friendly, local, handmade wedding. Lovely!

  3. DUDE! I'm too excited to modify this so here comes the creepy: TKOG, you are one of my favorite bloggers EVER and also one of my inspirations for starting a blog in the first place! The other major influence being my wonderful sister, so thanks Kay :) I'm so ridiculously flattered that you checked out my blog and then actually commented! And on a post I've been thinking about editing heavily due to it's awkwardness! Alright, enough with the exclamation points. Thanks for making my day :)