Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In which I explore my body's pain limits

So friends! I've been doing yoga lately! Committing to a month of regular yoga is number 24 on my list, so awhile ago I thought it might be a good idea to buy a dvd so I could give it a try. I know classes are supposed to be great but remember when I said I used to be a walking disaster area when it came to athletic things? Ya, well, that's still my mental image of myself.

And before we go any further, if you're thinking I'm exaggerating by calling yoga athletic, my friend, you try this shiznit for yourself and see. It's hard dude.

So, the dvd. I figured it was the best way to avoid any potential embarrassment, and while I'm working on not being so self conscious, I've seen enough movies where first time yoga leads to embarrassing bodily functions that I figured I'd let myself off the hook. Because we all know that if it's been in a chick flick it must be true, right? Anyway, the first time I tried it I made The Mister do it with me. A few minutes in I remembered what a wuss I am when it comes to pain, and started groaning and wincing and making it very clear that my body was NOT LIKING THIS THANK YOU VERY MUCH! By half way through the session I was about ready to give up when I suddenly realized that The Mister had been more or less silent the entire time. So, while wincing very dramatically I asked him, "Why are you so quiet? Doesn't this hurt you?" He turned to me and calmly said, "yeah, but I'm used to pain." What a boy thing to say! It did the trick though - if he could get through it so could I.

After that first session I was hooked though. I felt so loose and calm afterwards, and I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at some of the ridiculous phrasing. I mean, in what other context can you talk about having bright hands, opening your heart out in front of you, and sensing the spaciousness inside without sounding like that girl from the New Age shop down the street - the one named Moonflower who always seems a little spaced out and eerily blissful? Doing it regularly has been great. I've got more energy, I'm slouching less, and as an added bonus I've developed an addiction to my yoga pants. These things are comfortable with a capital c. The only thing is that I have to remember to close my blinds when I pop in the dvd. I'm pretty positive I caught a guy in the opposite building watching me through binoculars today. Creepy...

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