Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please bear with me...

Alright, I know it seems like I've abandoned my beloved blog, but I haven't. I've just been taking a bit of a break while I deal with some things. In the mean time, posting is going to be pretty sporadic. Since I feel guilty though, I'll fill you in on a few of the (pretty great) things I've been doing lately. 

A few weeks ago I crossed # 30 off my list - "Host a dinner party where I actually cook everything". Of course, it was my version of a dinner party so it wasn't exactly fancy... In fact I'm pretty sure people who know about these things wouldn't admit me into the elite group of dinner-party-throwers due to the extremely laid back nature of my event. No decorations, no theme, no dressing up, not even a table to sit at. Hardly qualifies, right? Well, the important thing for me was that I cooked everything. Almost. Alright, not quite everything. I made Indian food, in honour of my progression with #7 (learn to make Indian food... duh), but sent The Mister out to buy the naan bread because I wouldn't have had time to make it. The reason I wouldn't have had time? For some reason I decided to be really brave and make a dish that is not only complicated and time consuming (for the neophytes among us), but that I'd never actually made before. I figured go big or go home right? I made a dish called chicken biryani. Done right, it's out of this world delicious. My version needed some work, so it was not out of this world. It was, in fact, the culinary equivalent of a small town - charming in it's way, but fairly bland and not something you'd chose to revisit. Good thing I make killer chocolate chip muffins hey? Anyway, despite the restaurant bought naan, I'm still crossing this off my list, if only because the only dinner parties I plan on hosting from now on involve ordering pizza. I'll provide the beer.

Other than that I'm slowly but surely progressing with my list. I've read 34 of the 75 novels I plan to read for #23, I'm growing copious amounts of basil for #13, have got tickets to an opera (#21), and am working on a piece of artwork for Sister, which I believe will qualify for #22.

My other great accomplishment of late isn't on my list but probably should have been. I learned to ride a bike! Yes, a bike. Shut up, it's a big thing for me! I re-learned I guess, but let me tell you, that thing about never forgetting how to ride a bike is a load of crap. I hadn't been on a bike in 20 years, and graceful I was not. We went with a bunch of friends to do a bicycling wine tour in Penticton, and with (almost) free alcohol in the offing I wasn't about to let a little thing like having absolutely no frigging idea how to ride stop me! Good thing The Mister is such a patient teacher. I had a blast even though we were on bikes for so long that I'm pretty sure I bruised my butt. 

So those are the highlights so far. I'll keep posting, sporadically for the moment, but I hope to get back to a more regular schedule soon. Thanks for being patient!

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