Sunday, November 21, 2010


So, number 13 on my list was to make pesto from scratch, from basil that I grew myself. Any of you who have gardens are probably wondering what the big deal here is, especially since pesto's not all that hard to make. The thing you have to understand though is that I live in a postage stamp sized apartment, and I don't even have a balcony. Not that I'm complaining! I love my apartment! It's tiny but it's gorgeous. But I'm not really a city girl, you know? I love the wild spaces - the wide blue sky uninterrupted by skyscrapers, the dark forests, and most of all the rough, rocky shores along the Pacific Ocean in my part of the world. I daydream about retreating for a few weeks at a time to a lighthouse on a tiny island far away from everything, with nothing but my books, my paints and pencils, and a radio because I have to have music. Since I can't really do that, and I can't have a proper garden, I grew basil on my windowsill this summer. Lucky for me, my globetrotting friend whose plants I'm looking after also grows basil, and since he knew about my plans, he let his go a bit crazy so I'd have plenty of basil to work with. I forgot to bring out the camera till I'd harvested mine and was about to move on to his, so here's a picture of his: 

T, you're my hero. At least for this. There was a LOT of basil. I was able to make a couple of jars of pesto and freeze a ton of basil leaves to put in pasta and things. I wish there was something funny or interesting I could tell you about the process of making the pesto, but really it was a fairly mundane task. I enjoyed it, but it wouldn't have been interesting to watch and certainly not interesting to read about. I spent a lot of time washing basil leaves and dry roasting walnuts. And dancing around my kitchen. That's a very important step. Here's a photo of the finished product:

 Not pictured: Me sitting in my favorite chair with a jar and a spoon. That stuff is goooood.

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