Saturday, November 6, 2010

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

A friend of mine is going to Cuba for a few weeks for a holiday (lucky bastard). He has a few plants and since he doesn't trust his room mate to keep them alive, he asked me to look after them. I just spent a good hour artfully arranging and rearranging my new jungle. Because when I said he had a few plants, I actually meant he had a lot. Thirteen in fact. 

I am literally bouncing with joy. And throwing in a few pirouettes for good measure. The Mister has decided that he could probably just get me a plant every year for my birthday and I'd be his for life. I'm busy trying to figure out how many people I can invite over in the next few weeks to revel in the glory that is my green filled apartment. Brunch dates, movie nights, maybe even an open house?

T, you may have to fight me to get your plants back.

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