Thursday, November 4, 2010

Practising for the circus

So I've been practising my juggling, which basically means that I've been dropping things a lot. Here's a tip for any of you thinking of taking up this fine sport (it is so a sport! it involves balls and hand-eye coordination!): do not use anything round. If you do, you'll spend half your time chasing the balls around instead of impressing anyone with your prowess. Hard earned lesson, that. Lucky for me, I spent some time working with a wonderful person who happened to be handy with a sewing machine. She kindly agreed to make me some small, square bean bags which have been doing the trick nicely! So far I'm pretty handy with a grand total of two beanbags. Yes, two. This is going to take longer than I thought...

This is pretty much what I look like:

And this is what I'd like to look like: 


Though maybe without those amazing man boobs. 


  1. i especially love the hole in the t-shirt under the arm.

    a little concerned with the amount of time he must have spent watching those small multicolored balls intently.

    good luck tho. i have a feeling it might take a long time :)

  2. Ha I didn't even notice the hole!