Sunday, December 5, 2010

Heaven, I'm in heaven

So, short post people, because I'm currently on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Yes, I'm totally bragging. But this place is amazing! The Mister and I are here for our anniversary, though everyone thinks we're on honeymoon which is pretty fun. We've been here just over 24 hours now but I've already got a list of highlights. In no particular order, here they are:

* Being serenaded by a Mariachi band singing Besame Mucho during dinner.
* Watching the sun rise over the ocean this morning from our balcony.

* Getting funny looks from people around me when I snorted with laughter while reading Notes From a Small Island, poolside. Yup, I class it up everywhere I go.

* Being massaged by a very good looking man named Ramiro who whispered in my ear to let me know when our session was over.

* Being able to request a pillow filled with lavender, and then enjoying the best sleep of my life.

Tomorrow we start with the touristy things (including a chance to go ziplining!!) but I really don't know how this could possibly get any better. I may never leave.

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