Thursday, January 20, 2011

Butchering the English language

The Mister was reading some of my old posts the other day and pointed out that I am... exuberant in describing my life and the things I've been doing. I tend to use the word "awesome" a lot, which just shows you how great a writer I am. He asked me if people don't find this annoying, and kind of like bragging. So I have to ask, do you? I can tone that back. I'm a positive, happy person with a life I love, but it hasn't always been that way, and sometimes doesn't feel that way on a day to day basis. There are times where I'm just one big ball of self doubt and insecurity. I struggled with a very deep depression for years, and while I am free from it now, sometimes it's a battle not to let it suck me back in. I have my methods, some of them pretty out there, for staying positive, and one of them is to focus on all the really good things I have going on, like the fact that I've been able to travel, or that I have amazing, supportive friends and a wonderful man. I admit, I get a little over the top sometimes. Honestly? I'm like that in real life too. Exuberant should be my (other) middle name. Danielle Nicole Exuberant. What, too long? Anyway, let me know if you find my craziness a little much to take. I really can scale it back. I might start typing in yellow font to make up for it, but is that a small price to pay to get me to stop using the word "awesome" all the time?

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  1. Your exuberance is awesome!! I really enjoying your blogs =)

    I get that a lot too, but mine is more about the number of exclamation marks in my emails than the use of the word awesome.... although i do use the word brilliant quite a bit... which is probably the British equivalent of awesome? =)