Sunday, January 16, 2011


Do you guys know about the wonder that is StumbleUpon? Biiig thanks to Sister for showing me this one. StumbleUpon is sort of like Google, except you don't have to have anything specific in mind when you search. You sign up (it's free), go through a HUGE list of topics and tick the ones you're interested in, then start clicking "stumble". The website uses your list of interests to bring you all sorts of cool stuff around the interwebs that you might not have found yourself. I've read articles on how language shapes the way we think, checked out a world sunlight map, found a recipe for Mexican hot chocolate, and discovered this: 

Dudes, I wish I could embed this like a YouTube video and save you the work, but really, trust me, click on it. It's pretty amazing. Especially if you're a Radiohead fan like me.

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