Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011

Happy New Year everyone! How were your holidays? Mine were fantastic, in keeping with the general awesomeness of my life. The Mister and I visited family, skied, spent time with friends and ate altogether too much wonderful food. Heaven. 

Since I wasn't exactly faithful with posting over the holiday break I figured I'd do a sort of recap of the highlights of the past month. A few posts ago I mentioned that I'd written a rather long, rambling post about accomplishing #18 - learn one song the whole way through that isn't work related - while I was in Mexico. It didn't get posted because I'd written it after a couple glasses of champagne, which is why it was long and rambling. And incoherent. And more than a little silly. Champagne makes me giggly, which obviously comes out in my writing. Sort of art imitating life, but without the art part. I was originally going to edit the post before publishing it, but really, it was so ridiculous that I've decided to just scrap it. So shall we start with a (quicker, less drunken) recap of that night?

Basically what happened was that I sang in public. Not a big deal for most people but HUGE for me. I have no rhythm, can't stay on key, and, um, the worst voice in the world. Seriously. I make cats sit up and take notice. Buuuut after a whiskey sour or two the Mister convinced me to set aside my care for the wellbeing of my fellow human beings by taking part in the resort's karaoke night. Do we know how to live or what?! I did have enough common sense to stipulate that I'd only sing if he sang with me. Unlike me, the Mister has a great voice. I figured maybe he could help disguise mine. The problem was, since I was so nervous he let me choose the song, and in an attempt to find one we could both sing, I hit one he wasn't too sure he remembered the words of. Um, ya. You can imagine how that went. Put it this way: when we finished and escaped back to our table, laughing all the way, I declared quite proudly that we were terrible (proudly because we may have been awful, but hey, at least I did it). The couple sitting across from us responded with "No offense, but ya, you were pretty terrible." Aaaaand that'll be the last time I sing in public. You're welcome. Anyway, the reason I'm counting this as #18 is that while the Mister may not have been clear on the words, I remembered them all without prompting. Can't sing, but sometimes these things just get into my psyche. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the song we (I) chose. We went with Smile Like You Mean It, by The Killers. When we chose it, a couple of the entertainment staff mentioned that it was one of their favorite songs. I bet they aren't saying that now! Here's the song (no, not our version. Do you think I'd let anyone capture that on camera??).


So what else did I do over the holidays? Well, I went on a zipline over the jungle/scraggly scrubland area that wasn't good for anything else in Cancun. So. much. fun. I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a thrill seeker so it was pretty scary for me and I certainly didn't have the guts to hang upside down to get a picture taken, but it was brilliant. On a side note, I just looked up the word "fun" in the thesaurus (because there's only so many times I can describe something as awesome without sounding like an idiot), and it suggested "boffo", "diverting", and "campy". Huh.

I've also started taking French lessons via a computer programme. So far I can say 'the woman is drinking water". Good, hey? I've found a new favorite book in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four - it's mind blowing and everyone should read it at least once. I drew my own gift cards for my family's presents this year, and I managed to ski a couple of green runs over New Years. The Mister is a wonderful, patient teacher. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. That pretty much sums it up! What about you? What wonderful, surprising, boffo things did you do over the holidays? Have you made any new Year's resolutions?

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